My name is Garry Cooper. I'm trying to make R&D more affordable, sustainable, and collaborative than ever. Ask me anything!

We are Menno Schilthuizen and Iva Njunjić. We take "ordinary" people on real expeditions and discover new animal species with them. AMA

I am a wildlife biologist using camera traps to study animals all over the world. Ask me anything!

I'm Margaret, a researcher studying many things kids and money. I recently published a paper showing that kids grasp that "you get what you give." Ask me anything!

AMA with Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich: How the Border Wall Threatens National Security

Samara scientists invented an edible packaging made of Russian apples, you can ask me anything about this project

I am leading a global campaign for climate restoration. We can do it, it’s feasible, and it’s happening. Let’s restore our climate; Ask me anything.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning - Ask Me Anything!

AMA about the neuroscience of sex differences.

AMA about dreams and dream interpretation.

Ask me anything about Epistemology!

AMA On Environmental Risks & Agricultural Benefits Of Anaerobic Digestate.

Science news is a game of telephone. We think you should get science Straight from a Scientist! I've started a podcast to do just that. I'm a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill researching GABAergic networks in Alzheimer's Disease. AMA!

I have created a machine where I would like anyone to ask me anything about the PROMETHEUS - this will give you the ability to produce heat, electric, gasoline, and diesel. AMA

Universities spend millions on accessing results of publicly funded research. Why? How do we save money and improve access? AMA

AMA Exponential Motion - Nano Hole Engines for Space Travel

Nov 20, 2017

I'm Dave Farina, a science communicator. I have an educational YouTube channel called Professor Dave Explains that covers many science disciplines. Ask me anything about science, communicating science, content creation, and freelance work! Or anything else!

Oct 28, 2017


Ask Me Anything on our project to create Animated Educational Videos

Oct 15, 2017

My name is Vinoth S. I am Researching the Science of Earthquakes-Struggles to Recover,World's Earthquake Parameter, Creates Seismic Waves,Richter Scale Information.Ask Me Anything!

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