AMA Exponential Motion - Nano Hole Engines for Space Travel

Gordon McWhorter
Dec 6, 2017

In my story, Discourses in Reality, my protagonist Jeff Mallory is blamed for creating the Time Warp Battery which splits reality in two. It is also the same mechanics behind Interstellar Space Travel used in the 4th book, An Intellection on the Post Mechanics of Death, called a Nano Hole Engine. Help fund this #Kickstarter and see Science Fiction come to life! #GoTeamEarth into the #Stars kck.st/2nxdnNp


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What would be your the most effective tip for those who are interested in science fiction and who want to be successful in science fiction genre? 

Dec 13, 12:48PM EST1

Start with short stories even juvenile or a children's book. Nothing worse than writing a story you are not even interested in. You must love telling your story!

Dec 13, 3:05PM EST0

What is making the story into 5 books? What does each book talk about?

Dec 9, 5:53AM EST1

Excellent question! Book 1 - A Seizure of Landscapes is the dark and brooding start and deals with psychological sickness, mental abuse, parallel universes, time travel, religions, death and the many many lives we have all lived before this one. There is a glimer of hope when Jeff Mallory finds himself looking down on a vast and mighty tree planet from his bubble prison cell high above those gargantuan tree tops that stretch up into the Stratosphere. 

Book 2 - Exponential Uncertainties introduces us more to Jeff's son, Tyler. Tyler is the scientist, the nanomachine expert, who is given a white stone in the Redwood forests after attempting to travel through an ancient tree. The book deals heavily with curing old age, advancing cellular life spans, biophage morphology, critical mass consciousness and the ultimate symbiotic relationship that man could embrace. Book 2 is when we learn The Trees are our True Parents.

Book 3 - Perpetual Existentialsism takes us back to Jeff Mallory and his fight to gain control over his many many lives. A collection of Short Stories that at one time does nothing to help Jeff out of his prison cell, but at the same time is designed to help the reader become more familiar with who Jeff really is, his psychosis, and inevitable meeting with true death.

Book 4 - An Intellection on the Post Mechanics of Death takes Jeff Mallory's life into the stars. He is determined to find out why we are all marching around on the Earth apparently killing one another for titles, races, creeds, religions and the only thing he can think of doing is shedding his mortal prison and finding Jesus out there somewhere lost, trapped in a cage. Jeff dies in an effort to reach the heavens and finds out he is a Star. When a star is born, so to is a spirit and that spirit is personable, intelligent and forever expanding until a star becomes a galaxy and that galaxy that is Jeff harbors a whole other world where Jeff can now act as his own Messiah to a race of humanoids trapped in a downward spiral towards extinction. Book 4 introduces us to Jeff's Higher Self, Freedom.

The Center Of All Things is the final story in my secret series, "Discourses in Reality". It finishes the tale started in 2009 with "A Seizure of Landscapes", where Jeff Mallory discovers he is living multiple lives at one time, dragging his son, Tyler into the mix with the second book, "Exponential Uncertainties." I will take you even deeper into the rabbit hole, giving you hints and clues in the third book, "Perpetual Existentialism" to then go even further, outside of mind, cheating death, and discovering a whole new world in "An Intellection on the Post Mechanics of Death". The Center of All Things brings these four books into a conclusive heartbeat of finality. Follow Jeff Mallory in his last life as an old friend from his past tells him about The Mandela Effect and why this Earth is no longer real. The real Earth is 25,000 light years away, connected to the Moon and Mars by the enormous trunk of Yggdrasil. Take courage and strength as Jeff discovers the truth, braving the unknown, excelling past the decrees of reality to help his son, Tyler, break the Matrix, and fulfill the purpose of The One Thing.


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Dec 9, 9:54AM EST1

Where do you get all of this creativity, on which you made a world of next to reality through your convincing words in the novel?

Dec 9, 12:17AM EST1

I think I am desperately lonely, weak and powerless. Writing this story made me feel invincible.  I am my own hero. 

Dec 9, 12:21AM EST0

Do you have a video/blog about your studies and theories?

Dec 8, 10:13PM EST1

Yes! Please feel free to visit gordonmcwhorter.blogspot.com and my youtube channel www.youtube.com/gordonmcwhorter

Dec 8, 10:15PM EST0

Do you think we can also experience spirit world if we can reach the start through your instrument?

Dec 8, 6:02PM EST1

Yep. I am betting CERN has experienced much the same, don't you think? Oh, they will say and say with vehemence that they don't. That CERN has disproven the existence of Spirit or Ghost, but that immediately tells me otherwise. Google Search CERN and Ghosts. Looks like this.

Dec 8, 6:04PM EST0

What is the target volume you'd like to achieve before the year ends?

Dec 8, 6:30AM EST1

Viral Status. In the millions!

Dec 8, 8:01AM EST0

What other interesting concepts do you have up your sleeves, just waiting for next publication?

Dec 7, 7:42PM EST1

No, it is complete. I have finished my crown jewel. Most interesting concepts in my book is that The Trees Are Our True Parents to our bodies, you see, the flesh belongs to the Earth while our Spirits and or Souls lived many times before now. Unfortunately, my protagonist, Jeff Mallory, discovers we are all apart of the Third of Heaven who lost the war and were cast down to the Earth to prove to God who and what we are. Wheat or Weeds. youtu.be/IKv-3Pl9c1w

Dec 7, 8:20PM EST0

Does it follow that if you have a creative imagination, you also are creative in every other aspects of your life?

Dec 7, 5:29PM EST1

Sure would like to think so. My life, just as much as any others I presume, has been filled with one misfortune after another due to my trying to be creative ;) Sometimes, I wish I could just hibernate like a bear through winter, or that Euthanization Clinics were real and you could just go down to the corner Check Out Clinic and say Hasta Liego, Baby.

Dec 7, 8:17PM EST0

How do you train your thoughts to be creative?

Dec 7, 5:27PM EST1

That's a good question. I don't believe I did train them. It is just apart of me, instinctual, although I do have a huge reluctance to living and reading science fiction was always an escape from reality, right? So, yes. you are right! I did train my thoughts through years of reading. One of my favorite Science Fiction Series is Frank Herberts DUNE en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune_(novel)

Dec 7, 8:14PM EST0

How does "Discourses in Reality" distorted your way of thinking about reality?

Dec 7, 10:53AM EST1

Excellent question because it has! I have gone from living in a universe full of possibility to seeing Flat Earth Prison Planet being very scary real. Can we get off planet? Did we all follow Lucifer here? #OyVey I no longer have wings to see for myself. Death comes to us all Thank God. We will all find out then. youtu.be/Yj3tHZN5EOA

Dec 7, 11:06AM EST0

What was the most interesting expereince you had while creating this project? 

Dec 7, 5:41AM EST1

That's an excellent question, Ana. There were a number of moments I would call "interesting" but the most and above all other moments is the very real fact my story took on a life of its own, demanded its completion and basically took over until the very end. I admit, when the last lines were typed down I burst into tears. Get a sneak peak of the story's feel and characters on my youtube channel! youtu.be/V4QM-jzyIvo

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Dec 7, 10:18AM EST0

How are you marketing your books right now? Do you plan to hire a professional to help you?

Dec 6, 9:56PM EST1

I have spent my fair share of dime on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Promoted Tweets. I have not seen the conversions I would hope to from there, but believe the Grass Roots movement of word of mouth will prevail. It will just take much much longer, maybe even after I am long dead, right? I do not plan to hire anyone at this time, though I have in the past used so called professionals. It's hard to know who or what to trust when throwing money around, lol.

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Dec 6, 10:01PM EST0

Since you are hard into experimentation of this supposedly science-fictional item, are you willing to take the risk of breaking the equilibrium of speed and heat dimensional space?

Dec 6, 9:28PM EST1

You bet! I am in the process of such now. Yes :) http://kck.st/2nxdnNp

Dec 6, 9:30PM EST0

How much time did you dedicate in developing the immense details of your 5-book series?

Dec 6, 8:16PM EST1

9 years. It is so good to finally have it done! gordonmcwhorter.blogspot.com

Dec 6, 8:17PM EST0

If you indeed will be able to break the barrier, this could be a breakthrough in discovering another dimension. Would you like to take the honor of exploring it first?

Dec 6, 7:58PM EST1

I am in the process of such now. Yes :) kck.st/2nxdnNp

Dec 6, 8:01PM EST0

Where and how did you come across the idea of Torus Loop and Ball being a way to break sound barrier and travel to the stars?

Dec 6, 7:56PM EST1

Funny thing about this book. I would refuse to write for months and then have a vivid dream where it was explained to me about things, such as, in the 4th Book, An Intellection on the Post Mechanics of Death, I dreamed of a species of humanoids living in another galaxy that made love just like we do, but did not procreate through sex. The joining of left hands to a genetic match impregnated the female and there were vast congregations called Pilgrimages just so men and women could touch left hands. You must understand there had not been a child born to all their peoples in 10 years. The Torus Loop was the same. I dreamed it and it was made of solid gold so the heat could expand in correlation to it's increasing, exponential speed.


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Dec 6, 8:00PM EST0

How do you contain the merging of your scientific thoughts and your literary creativity into this novel?

Dec 6, 7:44PM EST1

Ha! I don't. There are no limits, nothing to contain, although it must make sense. It must appeal to common sense, correct?

Dec 6, 7:46PM EST0

What if breaking the barrier will really distort reality and changes events and people of your lives, would that be acceptable to you?

Dec 6, 7:23PM EST1

Not at all, although we wouldn't know it would we? I believe CERN is doing much the same thing here. Ever heard of The Mandela Effect?

Dec 6, 7:24PM EST0

The Trees are our True Parents :) youtu.be/Ma2N-Zqs2qM

Dec 6, 7:11PM EST0

#Prototype #TorusLoop #Exponential #Motion is what I am attempting to achieve. This is just the shape. There is no ball inside and no fine measurements. Just to give you all an idea of where this is going #AMA #ScienceAMA #AskMeAnything #Kickstarter

Again, just a simple shape like the hull of a ship. No ball inside yet, but you get the idea.



Dec 6, 5:26PM EST0
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